How To Choose The Right Furniture Hire Company For Your Wedding Or Event

When you are planning a large event, let’s not beat around the bush – things can get pretty hectic! There’s so much to organise – the food, the decorations, the music, the drinks – the list seems to only ever get bigger right?

One of the best things you can do when you are organising a large event is to work in order or priority. So the location of the event and the date are the biggest considerations, then the skeleton of the event like the furniture, transport and practicalities can be considered, then smaller things like decorations, food and drink.

All of these considerations are huge, but one of the biggest is furniture because it is part of the core of the event. Imagine all the food, socialising, drinking, displays of cakes etc without any furniture. It just wouldn’t work would it?

You could of course get the furniture yourself – buy it or borrow it, or hire it from the venue, but all of those options tend to be impractical or expensive which is why so many people choose to hire their furniture from a furniture hire company.

Doing this is often cost effective, convenient and easy – as long as you choose the right company that is.

So how do you choose the right furniture hire company for your wedding or event?

Here’s How:

Do Your Research

Make sure you do your research and take your time looking at all the different options. Read online forums, look on social media and ask around. Most people will know at least a few people who are married, who are likely to have used furniture hire companies themselves who they can recommend. It certainly pays to check out what is available before you make any financial commitments.

Check Reviews

If you do find a company you like, check reviews of them online. Imagine hiring a company only to find out days before the event that they have a reputation of not turning up on time. Avoid that gut sinking feeling by checking their reviews to you know that they are reliable.

Check What They Provide Is Good Quality

They might seem to offer great products, but how can you be sure without feeling them and seeing for yourself? Ever bought a top online thinking it felt one way then received it and realised it was much lower quality than expected? Avoid this common pitfall by asking the company how you can check the furniture they are supplying. Are the chairs strong, are the tables wobbly – you need to be sure before you commit.

What Do They Supply?

Make sure you don’t hire the company before you have final numbers. If you have 300 guests attending but the company you have hired can only hire 100 chairs out to you, that leaves you looking for another company which is quite the headache when you’re already dealing with more for other aspects of the event. You should also check that what you ask about and what they tell you about are the same thing. Try to be specific with measurements and styles so you are both on the same page.

Have They Done Similar Events?

This is an excellent sign of whether or not they are right for your event, because they have many similar events with happy customers in the past. This will show experience in being their on time, being professional and keeping customers happy.

Do They Care About You?

A company may seem perfect online, then you talk to them on the phone and they seem to be quite rude or uncaring. Customer services always matters and never think otherwise. The last thing you need when organising a big event where things are changing all the time, is for your furniture hire company to be unreliable, unhelpful or inflexible and unfriendly to boot. They should care about you and your needs.

Take Your Time

Remember to take your time. This is a big decision and the more you know, the more of an informed choice you can make.



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