How To Choose The Right Marquee Hire Company Gloucestershire

When it comes to hiring a marquee in Gloucestershire, there are quite a few locally based companies you can contact for more information or a quote, with our trusted friend Google opening up an easy avenue to find the right company at the right price.

With choice, comes decisions, and when you have to pick between 4 or 5 leading marquee suppliers in the local area, choice is on one hand fantastic, but it can also make that decision-making process much harder, especially if the quotes are all around the same price. Therefore, although price is important, it should never be your main decision making factor, as it is sometimes better to pay a bit more but get exactly what you need and require, rather than saving a few pounds and simply making do.

Here are some top tips when it comes to choosing the right marquee hire company in Gloucestershire for your big event or special occasion:

Book In Advance

Marquee hire companies get very, very busy over the summer and Xmas periods, and the popular ones are also often quite booked up throughout the year as well. Therefore, once you have your dates confirmed, speak to potential marquee hire companies immediately, as if you leave it too late, you will not be able to book with the best company and might have to make do with something that is either not right or very much overpriced.

Know Your Numbers

Marquees come in all different sizes, so unless you have a rough idea of the numbers coming to your wedding or special event, then you might end up paying for something you don’t need, or you might end up with something so small that it becomes an embarrassment. Knowing the type of event and the amount of people attending will allow the marquee hire company to tell you the size you need, meaning that you will end up with something that is simply spot on, both in terms of size and cost.

Narrow Your Location

If you know you need a marquee in the Forest of Dean, then you should look for marquee hire companies that cover this area, rather than approaching one on the other side of the country, as if you book a local, Gloucestershire marque hire firm then you can often save money, as they do not have to cover a huge distance and more so, will probably know most of the venues in the area and can advise exactly what will work for your event or occasion.

Consider The Extras

A marquee is one thing, but do you need furniture hire, flooring, PA equipment and lighting? These are things to consider when booking your marquee, as the more you need, then the more you might be able to save, as many marquee hire firms will offer a discount if you hire a package or more than just the basic marquee. Consider what you might need, ask the questions and then make the final decision about the exact requirements before you book.

Shop Around

There is nothing wrong with getting multiple quotes and then speaking to your preferred marquee hire company and discussing if they can get close to this price. Although haggling is not always the best way forward to get the right marquee, there is no harm in letting your really “wanted” option know that you have been offered something similar for a lower price, as they might be able to do something with their quote or take some of the additions away to get closer to your ideal price.



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