How To Choose Your Event Furniture Hire Company

From a big, lavish wedding, through to a promotional event or a product launch for your company and business, if you are going to be inviting hundreds or thousands of guests, then you might now need to start seriously thinking about the venue, the marquee, the decorations and of course, the furniture, as these people are going to need a chair to sit on, a table to eat at, a dance floor to party on and some cosy seating to relax in and have a chat.

When it comes to throwing a big event, from a birthday bash through to a homecoming or any other reason to celebrate, finding the right venue to host your event in is not always easy. Many of the popular venues like hotels and large pubs get booked out months, sometimes years in advance, which means that you might not be able to book the place you really want. Or you might live somewhere rural which limits your possibilities of finding a venue that works for everyone, in terms of both size and location, which again, can be a problem.

You might decide that to combat the issues we discuss above, to hire a marquee or simply have the event in your garden or home, but then of course, very few people have enough furniture to cater for 100 guests who are going to be turning up expecting to be able to sit down as a minimum, let alone have something to eat, drink and maybe even have a little dance. And therefore, hiring furniture makes total sense in these situations, as you hire the amount of furniture you need, and then when all is said and done, the furniture hire firm simply come along, collect and move on, leaving you with a clean home and not needing a load of space and money to invest in furniture you might never use again.

When it comes to choosing the right furniture hire company, there are a few things you need to consider to make sure you land the right one.


One of the main things you need to discover is which company is available on the dates you need them, as you must bear in mind many of the best furniture hire companies will be booked out months in advance, so make sure you have a confirmed date, and then start making enquiries about who can service your needs.

Type Of Stock

It is also important to make sure that the furniture hire company has the right type of stock you require and also the numbers, as a chair is rarely just a chair, especially if you require some extra design and furnishing incorporated into the event as well.


If your event is in the middle of Gloucestershire, then it makes sense to try and use a local company that know the area and understand your location, and it will usually be a lot cheaper to hire locally than nationally, as you won’t be paying large travel costs for a firm to come from 100 miles away. So, start your search locally and then expand should you need to.


Of course, you can never 100% guarantee that the company you choose is the right one, but you should do enough research to at least make sure you have done everything you can to select the best. Read online reviews, ask for testimonials from the company and of course ask around your friends, family and colleagues for recommendations about who to use based on previous experience.



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