Why Hiring Furniture For Your Business Events Makes Commercial Sense

When you have a big business event coming it can be difficult making a lot of the big decisions. What type of food is right for this crowd? What time of the year is best for the event? Should We Buy Or Hire Furniture?

We can’t answer all of these questions for you, but in this article we can help you make the wise business decision of hiring furniture for your business event:


You may have some simple chairs within your company you could use, or be able to buy a lot of plastic chairs easily, but what about bright and funky furniture? Or beanbags? Or low Japanese style tables with floor cushions? If your company is young and fresh, or you simply want to choose from a wide range of high quality interesting furniture, then you should hire your furniture for the event. They are likely to have plenty of options you hadn’t even considered, bringing a fresh and unique aspect to your business event.

Reliability & Experience

When you choose a furniture hire company to supply your furniture, you are investing in reliability and experience. They know exactly what they are doing, how to help you and how to make sure your event is furnished as and when you need it to be.

Company Connections

It is a really great thing to connect with a local business and invest in them. Connecting with the local furniture hire business means their company learns about you and you are able to learn about them and also other possible services they may offer than might be useful to you.

Discounts In The Future

The first time you use the company it is the beginning of a long relationship. Perhaps you will get discounts in the future after using them a few times, or they may even have recommendations for you after getting to know your events schedule. There are always benefits to becoming a regular customer somewhere.

No Need For Storage

If you have to use your own furniture for an event, you then have to store it in between events. This can be really, really difficult depending on the furniture you have to move around. There’s the setting up, the transport if needed and the storage – and let’s face it, who has a square foot to spare these days with business space rentals, let alone space for a room full of furniture! When you hire furniture for your business you don’t have to worry about where to store it afterwards.


Bringing your own furniture means arranging transport, moving the furniture, cleaning it if necessary, setting it up, packaging it after – the list is endless. When you hire furniture you only need to exchange a few details with the company to get the job done. Ultimate convenience.

Health And Safety Is Less Of An Issue

If the company you are hiring from are going to have their experienced employees move and set up the furniture, you don’t have to worry about staff correctly lifting and moving furniture and potentially hurting themselves in the process.

Better Quality

A company that specialises in hiring out furniture will have better quality pieces than you are likely to be able to afford on the budget for this event. They take pride in what they provide. So by hiring them, you get better quality furniture at your event which will do a lot for your brand.

Damages Don’t Need To Be Replaced

Any damages should be covered by the company with insurance, which wouldn’t be the same if you used your own furniture and anything was damaged. Basically the cost of minor damages is likely to be covered by the furniture company (be sure to check as this isn’t the case with all companies!).

Still Not Convinced?

If you’re still not convinced hiring furniture for your business event makes commercial sense, spend some time doing your research. You’ll read recommendations from many companies who have had a great experience doing it, who will never look back. It is convenient, provides better quality furniture and expertise, and it is cost effective – there really aren’t any downsides!



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